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Luxury Hot Tubs  

We have a wide range of Hot Tubs and Spas for you to buy, from the excellent suppliers. Why not buy hot tubs from one of the leading suppliers of Hot Tubs in the UK! Thus allowing you to Buy Hot Tubs with confidance. We supply hot tubs from some of the leading brands worldwide. For instance, Alps Spas and Viking Spas which are manufactured in the USA, a comprehensive selection of Eurospas we also have the Sapphire Spas, Olympic Spas, Canadian Spas and the Spa n a box the best portable spa on the market. For further information, or to buy hot tubs, click on the links below:

View Alps Spas    

View Alps Spas Ciara S

Ciara S

View Alps Spas Ciara LS

Ciara LS

View Alps Spas Ciara XLS


View Alps Spas Innsbruck S

Innsbruck S

View Alps Spas Innsbruck LS

Innsbruck LS

View Alps Spas Innsbruck XLS

Innsbruck XLS

View Alps Spas Everest S

Everest S

View Alps Spas Everest LS

Everest LS

View Alps Spas Everest XLS

Everest XLS

View Alps Spas K2 LS


View Alps Spas K2 XLS


Olympic XLS From Alps Spas

Olympus XLS

View The Alps Spas Avalanche S

Avalanche S

View the Alps Spas Avalanche LS

Avalanche LS

View The Alps Spas Olympus LS

Olympus LS

View the Alps Spas Himalaya


View the Alps Spas Rainier


View the Alps Spas Newport


View The Viking Spas And Destiny River Spas Soft Touch Slip Resistant  

View The Viking Spas Viking I

Viking I

View The Viking Spas Viking II

Viking II

View The Viking Spas Viking III

Viking III

View The Viking Spas Aurora I

Aurora I

View The Viking Spas Aurora II

Aurora II

View The Viking Spas Aurora III

Aurora III

View The Regal P

Regal P

View The Viking Spas Regal


View The Royale P

Royale P

View The Viking Spas Royale


Destiny River Spas Logo Soft Touch Slip Resistant  

View The Destiny River Spas Legacy


View The Destiny River Spas Legend


View The Destiny River Spas Heritage


View The Destiny River Spas Tradition


View The Pure Spas    

View the Pure Spas Renew


View the Pure Spas Refresh


View the Pure Spas Relax


View the Pure Spas Sunny


View the Pure Spas Bright


View Sapphire Spas    

View The Sapphire Spas Coral Sands

Coral Sands

View The Sapphire Spas Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

View The Sapphire Spas Palm Island

Palm Island

View The Sapphire Spas Emerald Escape

Emerald Escape

View The Sapphire Spas Montego Bay

Montego Bay

View The Sapphire Spas Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Olympic Spas Logo    

View The Olympic Spas AthensPop up speakers

Athens CD/MP3               

View The Olympic Spas AtlantaPop up speakers

Atlanta CD/MP3

View The Olympic Spas BarcelonaPop up speakers

Barcelona CD/MP3/Tv

View The Olympic Spas Rome


View The Olympic Spas Rome PlusPop up speakers

Rome Plus CD/MP3

View Olympic Spas London









View the Dreammaker Fantasy Spa


View the Dreammaker EZ Spa

EZ Spa

View the Dreammaker Big Ez Spa

Big EZ Spa

View the Dreammaker Odyssey Spa


View The Spa n a Box View The Canadian Spas Haliburton Muskoka  

View Spa n a box

Spa n a Box

View Haliburton Portable Spa



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Delivery Guidelines

Before hiring our hot tubs or buying our hot tubs, please ensure that you read our hot tub delivery guide to ensure smooth delivery and placement of your very own hot tubs / spas.

Read delivery guide here.


Delivery in Leicestershire and Rutland will include free installation and setup, please consult us for delivery and setup costs outside Leicestershire and Rutland.



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