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Delivery Guide

Over a 3 storey house Crane blocking the road

spa ready on spa kart Quinto Cranes the experts


You will require a suitable level base to site your hot tub or spa, this could be concrete slabs, decking, or full concrete slab.

Hot tubs or spas cannot be sited on grass or uneven ground.
For customers in the Leicestershire area a free site survey and consultation is offered.

We can also offer a full base construction, quotes available on request.


We strongly recommend you have a waterproof electrical isolator switch next to or near the hot tub or spa site. This must be fitted by a qualified electrician, some larger hot tubs and spas require armoured cable which also must be installed by a qualified electrician. Please consult us as to the exact requirements for the hot tub or spa in question.

Luxury Hot Tubs Electrical Supply

There must be an appropriate electrical supply 13/16, 32 or 40 amps depending on the spa. This must be wired through an R.C.D (or circuit breaker) usually 2 meters away from the Spa. Any buried or exposed cable should be armoured and should terminate next to the site of the Spa. Please leave enough cable for our fitters to connect the cable to the control box. The cable will enter the cabinet at any corner of the Spa until it reaches the control box which is situated in the middle/front of the side of the Spa showing the control pad.

We recommend that all electrical work be carried out by a qualified electrician.



There must of course be a suitable water supply to fill the hot tub or spa within the site area.


Upon delivery the hot tub or spa will be placed on a dolly truck ( Trolley ) sideways. Please be aware that access from the roadside to the site is required and gateways, alleyways, pathways and carports etc should be taken into consideration. Please consult us as to the exact requirements for the hot tub or spa in question prior to delivery. Should access be a problem the use of a crane maybe required the cost of which shall be the responsibility of the customer not Leicester Hot Tub Hire Ltd.

dolly trolly trailer with hot tub

Points to consider

  1. Are doorways, gateways, alleyways and pathways wide enough.
  2. Will access be over or across garden or grass which will mean taking the hot tub or spa off the dolly truck, will boards or protection be needed.
  3. Be aware of drainpipes, guttering, shelves, taps or any obstruction on route to the site.
  4. Turning space will be required around corners through alleyways etc, will there be room enough to turn.
  5. We will supply 2 men to install the hot tub or spa, should more labour be required this shall be supplied by the customer, at the customers cost. So be aware of slopes, walls or difficult routes to the chosen site if extra labour is needed this should be arranged prior to delivery. Should the customer not be able to arrange extra labour, we will if given sufficient warning to arrange it. The cost of which shall be met by the customer not Leicester Hot Tub Hire Ltd.
  6. Once sited access will be required around the hot tub or spa to assist in the installation and set-up etc.

Up we go  down she comes

Hot tub in place


Luxury Hot Tubs Delivery and Access

Delivery minimum dimensions guide

Please use this guide for delivery access measurements.
The spa will be on its side on a spa doly truck.

Height Width Height including Dolly Truck
Alps Spas      
Blue Ridge 2000mm or 79" 900mm or 36" 2220mm or 88"
Alpine 2000mm or 79" 900mm or 36" 2220mm or 88"
Innsbruck 1690mm or 67" 810mm or 32" 1910mm or 75"
Ciara 2000mm or 79" 900mm or 36" 2220mm or 88"
Everest 2310mm or 91" 940mm or 37" 2530mm or 100"
K2 2310mm or 91" 940mm or 37" 2530mm or 100"
Olympus 2310mm or 91" 940mm or 37" 2530mm or 100"
Antwerp 1920mm or 76" 840mm or 33" 2140mm or 84"
Toulouse 1590mm or 63" 810mm or 32" 1810mm or 71"
Stockholm 1560mm or 61" 810mm or 32" 1780mm or 70"
Innsbruck 1590mm or 63" 810mm or 32" 1810mm or 71"
Almeria 1920mm or 76" 860mm or 34" 2140mm or 84"
Lisbon 1990mm or 78" 890mm or 35" 2210mm or 87"
Edinburgh 1970mm or 77" 860mm or 34" 2190mm or 86"
Utrecht 1970mm or 77" 860mm or 34" 2190mm or 86"
Olympic Spas      
London 2010mm or 79" 920mm or 36" 2230mm or 88"
Rome 2060mm or 81" 920mm or 36" 2280mm or 90"
Athens 2260mm or 89" 920mm or 36" 2480mm or 98"
Barcelona 2260mm or 89" 1000mm or 39" 2480mm or 98"
Atlanta 2310mm or 91" 920mm or 36" 2530mm or 100"
Sapphire Spas      
Coral Sands 2000mm or 79" 800mm or 32" 2220mm or 88"
Emerald Escape 2000mm or 79" 890mm or 35" 2220mm or 88"
Palm Island 2000mm or 79" 850mm or 33" 2220mm or 88"
Sunset Beach 1610mm or 63" 850mm or 33" 1830mm or 72"
Victoria Falls 2320mm or 91" 840mm or 33" 2540mm or 100"
Montego Bay 2275mm or 90" 860mm or 34" 2495mm or 98"


Spa kart

LHTH Unit Van & Trailer


Not all installations are straight forward, sometimes its a challenge but if its possible to get that spa in, Leicester's premier Hot Tub and Spa company will do it !


Scaffolding ramp up   Mats over the rough edges

Step 1 - Up the scaffolding ramp.

Scaffolding platform.   Many hands light work

Step 2 - Across the platform.

Down the ramp   All over and done

Step 3 - Down the scaffolding ramp.

Innsbrook sited and working

Step 4 - A very happy cutomer.


With a little planning nothing is impossible.


Do you have poor or low water pressure?


If so we have our Conical Tank which can speed up the installation if you have poor water pressure, we can send the tank to your home address you fill it the day before the spa is due to arrive and once the is sited we can pump the water from the Conical Tank into your hot tub.

Conical TankAlpine S and Conical Tank


Delivery in Leicestershire and Rutland will include free installation and setup, please consult us for delivery and setup costs outside Leicestershire and Rutland.

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