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Sapphire Spas Maintenance, Cleansing And Safety Information.

Sapphire Spas support and after sales service is very important to us. Below is a guide to assist you. If you require further information in any way please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Filter Maintenance

  • Your spa filter is CRUCIAL for the overall quality of the spa water. Dirty, worn out filters will fail their job of trapping spa contaminants, and will put undue strain on the spas pump motor possibly shortening the life of the equipment.
  • Spa filter cartridges are made of a polyester micro-pore pleated filter media, designed to trap small contaminants suspended in the water.
  • Sapphire Spas filters are a genuine 100sq ft (2 x 50 sq ft cartridges ) of filter media designed to give the maximum area for collection of particulate matter from the water.
  • It is recommended that you clean your spa filter cartridges every two weeks (more often when bather load is frequent.) Use a garden hose, and apply the water stream at a 45-degree angle downward, make sure spraying in between each pleat in the filter dislodges all debris and foreign matter.
  • At least every 3 to 4 months, and EVERY water change, your cartridge filters should be pre-rinsed with the garden hose, and then following instructions, be soaked overnight in a filter-cleaning agent.
  • It is recommended that you have a spare set of filters available when you are soaking the used filters, so you will never have wait to enjoy your spa, as well as making the filters last longer, spare filters are available from Leicester hot tub hire.
  • Note: If you are using a filter rotation system, by allowing the filters to dry, ready for immediate swap over for the next maintenance program, It will prolong there life and give far better results.

  • Use laundry detergents or household cleaners to soak your filters. (You may have a major foaming problem with your spa if you do use them.)
  • Use a power-washer, or dishwasher to clean cartridge filters. (The high water pressure of such appliances will damage the media.)
  • Use muriatic acid for acid soaking / washing of filters. (Acid reduces the life of your filter cartridges and is dangerous to use.)

Water Maintenance

Fundamentally there are three areas of water maintenance you need to adhere to:

1. Filtration.
2. Sanitization.
3. Chemical balance.


Filtration is managed by your control system and once set will give you the required filtration needed to keep your spa at the optimum cleanliness levels. It is essential that filter cartridges be cleaned at regular intervals.


Sanitization is essential in health and well being of all bathers in your Spa. It is your responsibility to regularly monitor and maintain satisfactory levels. The sanitizer will chemically control bacteria and viruses present in the water, introduced during use of your spa.
Several sanitation methods are available. Upon ordering your Spa you will already have sanitization method ozone and conventional sanitization chemicals. Your authorized Sapphire Spa Dealer will have advised you of the right sanitization method that best suits you and your conditions.


Chemical balance and ph control is essential for the overall balance of your water.
Proper balance determines the effectiveness of your sanitizer to work at its maximum efficiency, minimizes scale build up and corrosion of metals, and extends the general life of your spa. Regular testing and dosing is essential. With Sapphire Spas Safe Ozone System you will use less chemicals.


Basic safety when using chemicals is essential so please read the labels carefully and follow the directions provided precisely. Although chemicals protect you and your spa when used correctly, they can be extremely hazardous when handled in a concentrated form.
The following information is a guideline to help make your spa experience a pleasant and trouble free one.


  • Allow only responsible persons to handle and dose the spa.
  • Always keep chemical containers closed when not in use, always handle with care, and store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Do not use spa equipment compartments as storage areas.
    Always accurately measure the exact quantities specified and DO NOT OVERDOSE YOUR SPA. (Alternately use the Spa Frog.)
  • Don't inhale fumes or allow chemicals to come in to contact with your eyes, nose or mouth.
    If you have accidental contact or swallow chemicals, seek immediate medical advice.
  • Never smoke cigarettes around chemicals, or use a vacuum cleaner to clean up spills. (Some chemicals are highly inflammable.)

Timber Cabinet Maintenance

Your portable Spa is Engineered and Designed with the Highest Grade 20mm Western Red Cedar available and has been treated with a Premium Grade Mould Resistant Stain.

Regular Treatment of the cabinet will enhance the natural look of the Cedar and ensure that your Spa will always look the centrepiece in its location for many years to come.

To treat your Spa Cabinet you will need to apply a good even coat of stain. Small marks and scratches can be treated in the same way, stain can be purchsed from Leicester Hot Tub Hire

Your Timber Cabinets life will depend on how you wish to maintain it. Harsher conditions will determine how often you require treatment of the timber.

If you notice that the Cedar is turning a grey colour or has lost its richness in colour, you may need to give the cabinet a treatment.

We recommend after 6 months of usage a treatment may be necessary, and then periodically every 12 Months after that should be sufficient.

Acrylic Surface Cleaning

Your Sapphire Spa is manufactured from the highest-grade acrylic material available and to ensure that it keeps its finish for many years a small amount of maintenance is required periodically.

Although very easy to clean, and generally stains and dirt will not adhere to the acrylic surface, after usage or during your normal maintenance program you can wipe down the surface with a soft, damp cloth (or sponge) and a non-abrasive cleaner. (Eg Spa clean available from Leicester hot tub hire.)

Do not expose the acrylic shell of your spa to direct sunlight for any prolonged period as this may have a detrimental effect on the acrylic surface and possibly void your warranty.

Avoid allowing dirt and sand, caused by bathers entering your spa, simply by placing a mat or footbath in the entry areas of your spa. This will assist in the easier maintenance of the acrylic surface.

Draining Your Spa

Depending on bather usage and the type of sanitizing System used, your Portable Sapphire Spa needs to be drained regularly every three or four months. This is necessary because of the amount of total dissolved solids becomes excessive, making it difficult to maintain balance of the water and sanitizer effectiveness.

You only need to drain off approx. 1/3 of your water to refresh your system and maintain good, clean water again. It is advisable to completely drain your hot tub or spa every 6 to 12 months.

Follow these few steps to drain your hot tub or spa:

  1. Firstly, disconnect the power.
  2. Remove the Hardcover.
  3. Undo Drain/Refill Valve plug and screw on hose adaptor tightly, attach garden hose.
    Turn the Inside Lock Nut to the left and pull out, this may be quite stiff when new but will loosen with use.
  4. Because the water will drain out through gravity feed only, this may take several hours.
    Ensure you run the water to an approved discharge area. It is advisable if you wish to discharge water on the garden or grass, that you do not treat the Spa for several days beforehand so no chemical build-up will harm the area.
  5. Once the Spa is emptied, turn the Lock Nut to the right ensuring complete "Shut-off" of the Drain/Refill Valve.
  6. After a Total Drain use a sponge to remove any excess water that may remain.

Safety Information

Risk of children Drowning:

  • To avoid accidents and possible drowning, children must exercise extreme caution to prevent the unsupervised access to the spa.
  • To reduce the risk of injury, children must always be supervised when using your spa pool.
    Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children, as they are especially sensitive to hot water.
  • Test the water temperature with your hand or a thermometer before allowing your children to enter your spa to ensure it will be comfortable.
  • Make sure you always lock the cover after using your spa for children's safety.
  • Do not allow children to climb on the spa cover. It is not a safety cover but a thermal cover although there are locks to prevent entry.
  • Remind children that wet surfaces can be very slippery and always be careful when entering or exiting your spa.
  • Do not allow children to place any electrical appliances, extension leads, lights etc within 5 meters of your spa.


To reduce the risk of injury:

  • Do not remove any fittings from your spa pool especially the suction grates in your spa. If these grates are removed or damaged, suction through the pumps may cause serious injury. The pumps in Sapphire Spas are very strong and If these grates are removed or damaged do not use your Spa and consult your Sapphire Spas dealer for further advice.
  • The water temperature in your spa should never exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Temperatures between 37 & 40 degrees Celsius are considered safe for healthy adults. Lower temperatures are recommended for young children.
  • Before entering your spa, the user should check the water temperature with an accurate thermometer.
  • Pregnant women should exercise caution and consult their doctor before using their Spa as temperatures over 38 degree's Celsius may have harmful effects during some stages of pregnancy.
  • The use of drugs, alcohol or medication before or during use of your Spa may lead to unconsciousness and possible drowning.
  • Obese persons and people with a history of Heart Disease, low or high blood pressure, Diabetes or circulatory system problems should consult their doctor before using their spa. It may mean that your Spa can help with these problems.
  • Do not use your Spa immediately after strenuous exercise.
  • People with infections, sores, or skin abrasions should not use a Spa. Warm and hot water may allow the growth of infectious bacteria if not properly disinfected and the chemical balance not effectively maintained.
  • Observe a reasonable time limit when using your Spa. Long exposures at higher temperatures can cause higher than normal body temperature, which may induce dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, fainting, reduced awareness and an inability to exit your Spa. These effects could lead to hypothermia and possible drowning.
  • Always exit your Spa slowly and carefully
  • Maintain the areas around the Spa and ensure that there is good drainage to avoid slippery conditions and possible injury.
  • It is crucial that you maintain water chemistry even when you are not using your Spa, the Spa Frog can do this easily combined with Sapphire Safe Ozone System.
  • The hardcover must be secured on the spa when not in use. Remember it is not a safety cover but a thermal hard cover.
  • Do not allow diving or jumping into your hot tub or spa.



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